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I Laugh with Stephen Colbert, Don’t You? *

Vol. 1, No. 8, July 30th, 2010

Title: I Laugh with Stephen Colbert, Don’t You? *



I work all day and I run a household. I have two daughters and a grandchild and I am very much part of their lives.  I also have interests and a wide circle of friends. In three words, “I am busy”. At the end of the day, I want to have supper and relax.  My goal is to veg out: I am happy when I finally reach the couch and open the television. I watch the news – I need to stay current. I also aspire to laugh out loud.  (Sometimes, I only reach a smile.) And that’s why, for me,  Stephen Colbert is a daily ‘VIP’.


Stephen Colbert is a satirist par excellence. He is a multi-tasker, he can say silly things and still keep a straight face…most of the time. Indeed, it is as if he can rub his tummy and pat his head at the same time. Adults should have silly time; and Stephen is the conductor of the silly orchestra.


Stephen Colbert is a graduate from the Comedy Network sister show, titled, “The Daily Show”. He was a senior correspondent – read ‘very funny man’ with many funny bits.

He successfully jumped to his own show, titled  “The Colbert Report”.   The title is pompous, but the humor is off-the-wall and very much, ‘tongue in cheek’. Picture the “Laugh-In” show with Stephen as the announcer and also playing the rest of cast, throwing out funny lines. However, do not make the mistake of dismissing him as a lightweight.  He is a proud American; and his country is proud of him. For all of his jokes, he took his road show to the war zones and entertained the troops. Bob Hope would approve. He fund-raised for the USA speed-skating team leading up to the recent Vancouver Olympics. In short, he is a serious man, intent on making the world better.

THE BOOK: I Am America (And So Can You!) by  Stephen Colbert

In 240 pages, you have an opportunity to laugh.  Pick a topic and Stephen will make fun of it.  His opinion showcases many important issues of the day and makes the reader think.  And this will definitely start a debate.  Hence, this book is a success.


Laughter is an important medicine for the sick. It contributes to a better view of the world and one’s place in it and thus helps one get better. The same can be said for all of us walking the walk day-in – day-out.  Stephen Colbert helps makes the day go better. This book is another source to get our smile fix for the day. Bravo Stephen!

Take it out for a spin and tell me if you agree.

And that’s my thought of the week on books, what’s yours? *



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I respect Suzanne Somers

Vol. 1, No. 4, June 18th, 2010

I respect Suzanne Somers

FLASH: Suzanne Somers wrote an important book, titledKnockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer and How To Prevent Getting it in the First Place.”

I thought I knew Suzanne Somers. From her television work, particularly, “Three’s Company”, she portrayed the gorgeous, sexy, dumb blonde. In its time, this show was provocative, yet very understated.  (As a young woman, my friends and I talked about how we wanted to look like her.)   But I really did not know her.

I grew up. And life happened. Cancer struck Ms Somers. She fought back. And she became an author. She wants to make a difference and help others. In her latest book, through the interviews of doctors, she strives to explore alternative cancer treatments—such constructive of the body. She is offering options – letting the reader make up his or her mind. In any event, he or she will be better informed. I think she is making a contribution by disseminating information and provoking thought. Indeed,  she is not just a pretty face!

Take it out for a spin and tell me if you agree.

And that’s my thought of the week, what’s yours?


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I Love Carol Burnett

Vol. 1, No.3, June 11th, 2010

FLASH: Carol Burnett wrote a beautiful book, titled THIS TIME TOGETHER.

So Glad We Had This Time Together

This Time Together

I remember as a child watching Carol’s show.  She was so off-the-wall and yet in good taste.  Her skits were hilarious.  She made me laugh hysterically.  At the time, I shared many of these moments with my parents and brothers, all watching television in the living room.  I treasure those memories.

Her trade mark, pulling on her ear, was unique.  She truly is one-of-a-kind.

Now, she wrote a new book. Carol is so personable that you cry when she cries and laugh when she laughs.  As a result, I feel more connected to her … as if she were my friend.

Take it out for a spin and tell me if you agree.

And that’s my thought of the week, what’s yours?


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