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S & R* NEWS* Vol. 1, No. 9, October 27th, 2010

S & R* NEWS* Vol. 1, No. 9, October 27th, 2010


News flash #1: In Chile, the miners were saved. I say: “What a feel good story. It is important to recognize that when we work together for the common good, anything is possible. And also, good does prevail!”

News flash #2: In Canada, Russel Williams, a former Colonel in the Canadian Forces and Commander of a major base, was convicted of rape, etc. and sentenced to 25 years no chance of parole. My heart goes out to the families of course. I say: “For me, it is important as it serves to remind women everywhere to be careful as evil does exist. Being cautious contributes to  staying safe!”


October 27th

1936 – Mrs Wallis Simpson files for divorce which would eventually allow her to marry King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom, thus forcing his abdication from the throne.

(Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)


Nostalgia is fun*: TV

1. “Who were the actors who starred in the old TV show, “Father Knows Best”? (N.B. The answer is below.)


Dear Readers,
Greetings from Cyberspace.

We at Save and Read* S & R* are moving forward.

Antoinette’s page*

I have posted a new edition of my blog on books. My topic is on sexual harassment. Knowing about it will help you down the road, possible aggressor or victim alike.


We have expanded the posting to include a few new features… more are coming. I hope you like them. Feel free to say: “nay” or “yea”.

Last, please keep reader communications coming.1 I work better with feedback. Thanks.
That’s all for now.
Have a great week.
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Vol. 1,  No. 20, October 27th, 2010


My book of the week is:”Disclosure” by Michael Crichton. Hence my topic is sexual harassment.


For today, my word/phrase(s) are: “Sexual harassment“.

Sexual harassment

It is intimidationbullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.[1]

(Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)

Bonus fact #1: Origin of the term

“The term sexual harassment was used in 1973 by Dr Mary Rowe in a report to the then President and Chancellor of MIT about various forms of gender issues. … In the book In Our Time: Memoir of a Revolution (1999), journalist Susan Brownmiller quotes the Cornell activists who in 1975 thought they had coined the term sexual harassment: “Eight of us were sitting in an office … brainstorming about what we were going to write on posters for our speak-out. We were referring to it as ‘sexual intimidation,’ ‘sexual coercion,’ ‘sexual exploitation on the job.’ None of those names seemed quite right. We wanted something that embraced a whole range of subtle and un-subtle persistent behaviors. Somebody came up with ‘harassment.’ ‘Sexual harassment!’ Instantly we agreed. That’s what it was.” (p. 281)” (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia).

Bonus fact #1-A: Occurrences

“Sexual harassment can occur in a variety of circumstances. Often, but not always, the harasser is in a position of power or authority over the victim (due to differences in age, or social, political, educational or employment relationships). Forms of harassment relationships include:

  • The harasser can be anyone, such as a client, a co-worker, a teacher or professor, a student, a friend, or a stranger.
  • The victim does not have to be the person directly harassed but can be anyone who finds the behavior offensive and is affected by it.
  • While adverse effects on the victim are common, this does not have to be the case for the behavior to be unlawful.
  • The victim can be any gender. The harasser can be any gender.
  • The harasser does not have to be of the opposite sex.
  • The harasser may be completely unaware that his or her behavior is offensive or constitutes sexual harassment or may be completely unaware that his or her actions could be unlawful. Adapted from the U.S. EEOC definition
  • Misunderstanding between Female-Male Communication: It can result from a situation where one thinks he/she is making themselves clear, but is not understood the way they intended. The misunderstanding can either be reasonable or unreasonable. An example of unreasonable is when a man holds a certain stereotypical view of a woman such that he did not understand the woman’s explicit message to stop.(Heyman, 1994)

One of the difficulties in understanding sexual harassment is that it involves a range of behavior, and is often difficult for the recipient to describe to themselves, and to others, exactly what they are experiencing. Moreover, behavior and motives vary between individual harassers” (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia).

Bonus fact #2: Types of sexual harassment

“There is often more than one type of harassing behavior present, so a single harasser may fit more than one category.” The type classifications are as follows.

  • “Power-player
  • Mother/Father Figure (a.k.a. The Counselor-Helper)
  • One-of-the-Gang
  • Serial Harasser
  • Opportunist
  • Bully
  • Confidante
  • Situational Harasser
  • Pest
  • Great Gallant
  • Intellectual Seducer
  • Unintentional” (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia).


Canadian stats

Some are as follows.

” * One in four women and one in ten men have experienced some form of sexual harassment in the workplace. (Saskatchewan Women’s Secretariat.)

* 87% of Canadian women report experiencing sexual harassment. (Statistics Canada: Violence Against Women Survey, November, 1993.)

* 43% of all Canadian women have been sexually harassed at work.

* 8% of those who are harassed at work report the harassment. (The Way Forward: Rethinking the Problem of Workplace Sexual Harassment, 2002, Sexual Assault Centre London.)

* 8 out of 10 female students said they had been sexually harassed at school. (“The Joke’s Over – Student to Student Sexual Harassment in Secondary Schools”, published by The Ontario Women’s Directorate, The Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation and the Ministry of Education, (1995))” (Source:

S & R* NEWS ALERT* #1:  Fernando Flores v. Britney Spears

Fernando Flores, ex-policeman and former bodyguard, launched a lawsuit against Britney Spears, alleging that she repeatedly paraded herself around in the nude and had sex in front of him. In the suit, he alleges that the star caused him “shock, horror and disgust” after she bent over in front of him and exposed herself. He also made claims about her treatment of her two kids. He demanded damages due to distress. The star’s position, as per statement released on her web site, was:

“This lawsuit is another unfortunate situation where someone is trying to take advantage of the Spears family and make a name for himself.  The Department of Children and Family Services conducted a proper investigation surrounding Mr. Flores’ accusations and have closed the case without any further action. Ms. Spears and her attorneys have every expectation that this matter will be dismissed by the courts” (Source: Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010).

(Editor’s Note:  These are only allegations – we caution readers that as of now they are not proven.  We have no further news as of yet as to the progress or outcome of the case. To the best of our knowledge, what we do know is that a suit has been filed and Spears made the above statement in response via the Internet. This said, at least this matter  brings sexual harassment to the public’s attention.)

S & R* NEWS ALERT* #2: Registry of lechers in the workplace

A Las Vegas web site e-BossWatch has launched a “National Sexual Harassment Registry”. It lists persons accused of sexual harassment in the workplace. It allows people to anonymously rate their bosses online. I think that it may be helpful to stop this seedy behavior; but I am uncomfortable about people making wild unsubstantiated allegations anonymously. I also have privacy concerns (Source:  Leung, Wency “Registry of lechers in the workplace”, The Globe and Mail, Tuesday, July 27, 2010, pg L3).


While I have not faced this particular challenge, I have spoken to some who have experienced such and I asked questions.

This is not a behavior without victims. Today, I give you four real life victims.

Victim #1: A young college girl had a part-time job in a grocery store. The owner’s son harassed this young woman by touching her and making suggestive remarks. As a result, she started distancing herself from him. However, he still didn’t get the message. At a certain point, she filed a complaint with the union. In the end, with no help or relief forthcoming, she quit. The harasser, unchecked, caused the employer to lose a good employee.

Victim #2: Another young lady I knew, employed in a school, was continually harassed by a teacher, 20-years her senior. He brought her gifts and invited her for lunch. She consistently and repeatedly refused his offers. He carried on non-stop. She next filed a complaint with the school. While the harasser finally got the message and stopped his advances, the young woman had suffered inappropriate behavior for much too long.

Victim #3: A woman was the supervisor of a certain married man. She repeatedly made advances towards him. Embarassed, his initial approach was to laugh it off, hoping that she would get the message. She persisted – her offers did not stop. His remedy was to transfer out of the department.  The harasser, unchecked, caused the department to lose a good employee.

Victim #4: My daughter then of  junior college age, told me about a classmate who was sexually harassed by a teacher. I understood that she found this very upsetting. She lodged a complaint. Initially, the complainant thought that it was swept under the proverbial rug. For a time, it was kept quiet.  Eventually, the system worked and the teacher was told to resign.

(Editor’s note: Due to the delicate nature of this topic, some facts were changed to mask identities.)

THE AUTHOR: John Michael Crichton

Big in stature – he was 6′ 9″; this did not explain the magnitude of this remarkable gentleman (born on  October 23, 1942) – he passed away on November 4, 2008. He was educated, graduating from Harvard, undergraduate and then medical school. This MD became a writer, screenwriter, producer and director. Indeed he was a prolific author. His stories and characters dot our pop culture through the years and are icons, being a part of my frame of reference. Such are continuing to charm the next generations. He was a true giant through his extensive body of work, variety and also the success achieved through skill, hard work, being in tune with his audience and the shrewd perception of commercial viability.

(Fact source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)



Michael Crichton’s novels include Andromedia Strain, The Terminal Man, Congo, Sphere, Jurassic Park, Disclosure and Rising Sun, to name a few.


Andromeda Strain: The movie of the techno-thriller tells the story of a team of scientists investigating a deadly ET micro-organism.

Jurassic Park:The movie of the dino-thriller theorizes about the possibility of dinosaurs’ being recreated by genetic engineering. Stephen Spielberg directed the blockbuster. There were several sequels. What a spectacle to behold. And it was very entertaining to boot.

Disclosure: The movie pitted Demi Moore against Michael Douglas, no lightweights here. The movie brought the story to life. It worked for me!

THE BOOK: “Disclosure” by Michael Crichton.

The book first hits you over the head with the surprising reversal of roles in the sexual harassment equation. The woman is the aggressor. Flirting was not spoken there. It was a full blown seduction. Sparks were flying. Next, it elaborates the difficulty on several levels suffered upon the victim, a man, as for example: (a) career/business; (b) marriage; (c) children/family; etc. The complexity of this very human dilemma was laid bare.

Readers lived the discomfort through the victim and then the escalating angst and frustration all the way to full-blown war, such with a slice of misinformation to add even more spice to an already hot meatball of a story. The real plus is that it gets you to think about this wretched behavior. It is a great yarn ; if you pick it up, you will be a winner!


My personal comments

When toddlers are brought to nursery pre-school and then to kindergarden, the theory is that they will start the socialization process. As they grow up, the plan is that they will learn appropriate behavior with others particularly with the opposite sex.  They will learn that there is a time and place for everything. When older, they will learn what and when flirting and romancing are acceptable.

At the workplace, I do not understand how someone in management with a supervisory position, seemingly loses all intelligence, common sense and propriety. These aggressors cross the line without any regard for others.

This said, a person, more often a man, might compliment a victim, more often a woman annoying at first, then later much worse. In the workplace, this isn’t appropriate. Many Human Resources (HR) centers have policies in place for this problem. It is also illegal in many jurisdictions.

Most people agree that sexual harassment is wrong and must be stopped. In my view, a perpetrator should be reported. A person who repeatedly mis-speaks and/or acts without gentility is lacking social skills or more. He or she has a problem and deserves one or more of the following: (a) a good dressing down by the boss or supervisor; (b) a complaint filed against him or her at the Human Resources (HR) department; (c) a letter put in his or her personnel file; (d) a proper office etiquette training, as ordered by his or her employer; (e) a criminal complaint made and/or charge brought; (f) a civil claim filed in court seeking a condemnation for damages; etc.

Nevertheless, I do not want to rain on your parade, but in my view, it is VERY hard to live through sexual harassment and also to prove it at the inquiry/hearing .

The point

Unfortunately, sexual harassment exists and does occur in the workplace. I have reflected. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Be on guard for unwanted romantic talk/innuendo, advances, physical contact: touching, etc.;

2. Do not ignore not a single incident as one unchecked, with the perpetrator emboldened, leads to another and so on;

3.Say, lightly, breezily, but clearly, that the perpetrator’s words and/or acts make you uncomfortable; and say: “Once advised, now knowing how I feel, I am certain that you (the perpetrator) will stop;

4. Inquire as to whether your: (a) Firm or organization has a policy against sexual harassment;(b) Country, state/province, etc. have laws against sexual harassment; etc.

5. Seek out community support groups for sexual harassment victims;

4. Be respectful, but firmly state, if the behavior continues, that you did not like the remark or act. And then add:  “I ask you to please respect my wishes and immediately stop this behavior.”

5. Use passive aggressive behavior to counter this harrassment;

6. Think long and hard before going above the head of the perpetrator; but do so, if there is no other way;

Indeed, I give sexual harassment a rating of “R” for revolting. Let us obliterate sexual harassment at work or wherever. Are you with me?

Take it out for a spin and tell me if you agree.

And that’s my thought of the week on books, what’s yours? *
“Books are life; and they make life better!*”
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S & R* NEWS* Vol. 1, No. 8, October 18th, 2010

S & R* NEWS* Vol. 1, No. 8, October 18th,  2010


S & R* Day in History*

 October 18th

·  1925 – The Grand Ole Opry opens in Nashville, Tennessee.

·  1929 – Women are considered “Persons” under Canadian law.

·  1919 – Birth-  Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 15th Prime Minister of Canada (d. 2000)

·  1930 – Birth – My dear mother, in a word, she is wonderful – everything that a mother should be and more! I love her.

(Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia – except the last one of course!)

Dear Readers,
Greetings from Cyberspace.

The Save and Read* S & R* site is attracting more and more unique visitors. Reader comments are increasing. Something special is happening.  We are all becoming a veritable INTERNET VILLAGE! Tell your friends and colleagues – we need good people to join in.  My intent is to add more ways for us to exchange ideas. Stay tuned.


My book of the week is “Mini Shopaholic” by Sophie  Kinsella. Hence my topic is shopping: weekly groceries, bargain hunting, over-shopping, hoarding,  etc.

I am planning a mail-bag post in the coming weeks. I will answer some questions and comments. Write to me at

I am also planning to write some posts about several great international organizations that do great works. Watch for them soon at your S & R*.

That’s all for now.
Have a great week.
Yours truly,
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Vol. 1,  No. 19, October 18th , 2010


My book of the week is “Mini Shopaholic” by Sophie  Kinsella. Hence my topic is shopping: weekly groceries, bargain hunting, over-shopping, hoarding,  etc.


For today, my words/phrases are  “Buyer”, “Compulsive Hoarding” and “Shopaholic”.


“A buyer is any person who contracts to acquire an asset in return for some form of consideration. When someone gets characterised by their role as buyer of certain assets, the term “buyer” gets new meaning:

In product managementbuyer is the entity that decides to obtain the product.

A buyer’s primary responsibility is obtaining the highest quality goods at the lowest cost. This usually requires research, writing requests for bids, proposals or quotes, and evaluation information received.” (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia/

Compulsive Hoarding

“Compulsive hoarding (or pathological hoarding or disposophobia)[1] is the excessive acquisition of possessions (and failure to use or discard them), even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. Compulsive hoarding impairs mobility and interferes with basic activities, including  cooking,  cleaning,  showering, and sleeping. A person who engages in compulsive hoarding is commonly said to be a “pack rat“, in reference to that animal’s characteristic hoarding. It is not clear whether compulsive hoarding is an isolated disorder, or rather a symptom of another condition, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder.[2]

Public awareness of the condition has recently experienced an increase with the launch of two competing reality television programs about the subject, Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive, airing on the A&E and TLC networks respectively.” (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia/


“One who shops very frequently. Shopaholics lose a lot of their money and possibly go broke because they’ve spent it all. 1. Common term applied to someone suffering from oniomania.” (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia/


Here are some:

“·  17 Million Americans are compulsive shoppers/spenders (Stanford University Landmark Study, 2006)

·  Nearly half of all compulsive shoppers/spenders are men (Stanford Study, 2006)

·  Arguments over money and spending are the number one reason for couples’ conflict and divorce (Psychology Today)

·  The average credit card debt per American citizen is nearly $10,000—mostly from unnecessary purchases (Time and Money magazines)” (Source:


Hoarding: The disorder of the decade — ?It’s not a bunch of junk?
“Oct 1, 2010 – Ottawa Citizen  OTTAWA   Greg is beetling to and fro in his Ottawa apartment, sifting piles of belongings, trying to decide which bits and pieces he can part with. There’s a sense of urgency.

There’s a sense of urgency. The 57-year-old has two days to tidy the premises sufficiently to pass inspection by the City of Ottawa’s public health department and Ottawa Fire Services. The last thing he wants is a mandatory clean-out by a city-appointed contractor. “It’s not a bunch of junk,” he says.” (Source:


Let’s face it. Men shop -read do errands! Or they shop to pass the time. Indeed, a man once said to me that he liked going to the mall when everything was closed, this so he saved money. But we ladies, do the heavy lifting shopping, every week, 52 weeks a year. Indeed, as wives, mothers, caregivers, etc., we are the prime target consumers and the chief purchasing agent in each of our respective families. Like you, in my family, it is one of my functions. My problem is stretchhhhhhhhhhhing  my dollar to buy the necessaries of life. I guess I am a family procurement wizard like all of you other homemakers in Internetland. But doing it does not mean liking it.


First, let us start with the groceries.  Let me be perfectly clear – I do NOT like grocery shopping. For me, it is a real chore.  I try hard not spending much time doing it.  I try to beat the crowds. I will often go early in the morning and get it done as quickly as possible.  Of course, I do look for specials. I strive to be a smart shopper. I try to save a little money; but more often than not, I spend more on energy: both gas and my own.

Supermarket pet peeves

I have a few pet peeves: a) Why do some retailers have great specials only between limited hours on a particular day, but written in the fine print? Thereupon, I go to the store only to find out that I had missed the hour and day – that’s not fair! b)   When there is a very good special, the store runs out and offers a rain check; but more often than not, when I return, the clerk apologizes still being out of the item. Eventually the rain check gets lost in my purse. c) Food companies try and confuse us when they increase the price by offering a weekly supply of a product at the same price, but with slightly less yet still in the same container. d) To accomplish a great saving, you have to buy a year’s supply or more; and then you have to store the cases stacked in your basement. Ugh!

Pleasurable shopping: shoes, etc.

On the other hand, I admit it, I like shopping for other things. Can you keep a super secret, promise not to tell? Except for groceries, it’s rare that I’m shopping for an item that I require immediately. Sometimes, I’ll buy an item which I do not need.  A good case in point is foot-ware. Shopping for shoes is my favorite; and as you know, a fashion conscious lady can NEVER have too many pairs.

Female sport of bargain hunting

Now, let’s get real. Men typically like to go golfing, fishing, etc.  For us women, shopping is our sport of choice; and we are VERY good at it. Finding a bargain is my biggest thrill- it’s like  a man shooting a 65 on the golf course or catching a big fish. In another piece,  I will tell you about some of my great purchases. Several of  my favorite stores are: Winners/T.J. Maxx and J.C. Penney. As a point of interest, I heard that Filene’s basement sale is a real zoo.  Hence, in ‘tongue in cheek’ fashion, I say: “Unless you are a seasoned shopping pro, you may find yourself out of your league.” Of course, Black Friday is only for the best shopping all-stars.

Shopping as an outing or social occasion

In addition, women often make browsing in stores an outing. Window shopping is harmless, (unless you go into the store), and I sometimes do this activity with my daughters or girlfriends. We also use shopping as a social occasion. Us girls sometimes do our ‘shop ‘n lunch’ thing. Indeed, some women in my office organize a weekend getaway with their girlfriends to a town about an hour away with many great stores not found at home.

Over-buying, indebted, hoarding

However, shopping can get out of hand. Some of us over buy.  Some get into debt.  Some even have it so bad that they become a hoarder. The urge is sometimes overpowering.

THE AUTHOR: Madeleine Wickham (her pen name is: Sophie Kinsella)

Madeleine Wickham, (d.o.b. December 12, 1969), is a best-selling British author under her pseudonym, Sophie Kinsella. Educated at New College, Oxford, she worked as a financial journalist.  During this time, she decided to begin writing fiction. The books were mainly set in the country, detailing the lives of villagers.

She then jumped to ladies fiction, otherwise known as chick-lit novels. She was prolific and a series has emerged. Our book of the week is the latest.

She resides in England with her husband, Henry, a classics teacher, and her sons, Freddy, Hugo and Oscar.


M. Wickam

The books were as follows: (a) The Tennis Party; (b) A Desirable Residence; (c) Swimming Pool Sunday, (d) The Gatecrasher; (e) The Wedding Girl; (f) ,Cocktails for Three; and (g) Sleeping Arrangements.

S. Kinsella

The Shopaholic series describes the adventures , or better said, the misadventures of Becky Bloomwood, a financial journalist who is not good with money. This is somewhat of an oxymoron.  Some of her books are:  (a) The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (also titled Confessions of a shopaholic)  2000; (b) Shopaholic Abroad (also titled Shopaholic takes Manhattan)  2001; (c)  Shopaholic Ties The Knot  2001; (d)  Shopaholic & Sister  2004 ; (e)  Shopaholic & Baby  2007; (f)  Mini Shopaholic 2010.

The first two Shopaholic books were adapted into a film and released in February 2009, with Isla Fisher playing Becky and Hugh Dancy as Luke Brandon.

THE BOOK: “Mini Shopaholic by Sophie  Kinsella

Becky is back! Busy with her child and husband, she has too much to do plus a party to make. But she has time to spend money. Perhaps too much! It is noteworthy that she made a promise not to do any shopping until she’s worn everything in her wardrobe at least once. Now that’s an admirable thought! Living her monetary trials and tribulations, but not worrying about paying the monthly statement, is enjoyable. If this is your cup of tea, take your wallet to your closest bookseller – you do not need to pass a credit check!


Grocery shopping aside, shopping can be fun and games. I believe that we should spoil ourselves once in a while- we desire it and we deserve it! However, to shop endlessly and/or needlessly is a waste of time, money and energy. Like the liquor ads, we must do it in moderation. If and when it gets out of hand, watch out. It could bring indebtedness, addiction and misery.

The point

This said, I have some suggestions. I am sure that you have some of your own. When it comes to money, here are my dos and don’ts.

  1. Make a shopping list. Don’t buy on impulse. If with the urge, make a rule to wait one day and if still wanting to do the buy, then do it. Remember it may soon end up as one of your ‘krappy’ clothes or in the junk drawer.
  2. Be a great shopper. Know your marketplace and wait to buy smart. Be a coupon clipper. Consider changing phone companies, etc. and see what they offer you. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Pay cash – I try, but don’t always succeed.  If using a charge card, if possible, pay down the full amount when billed.
  4. Value money. I learned at an early age to respect money.  I work very hard and I do not spend money foolishly.
  5. Save money. Be frugal. My parents taught me that it’s not how much you earn, but rather, how much you can save that makes a difference.  In turn, I have taught my daughters this principle.
  6. Become a great saver; in this regard, (a) Request your bank to automatically transfer a certain amount into your savings account every pay cheque; (b) Make a wish list – have a big item goal, (e.g., a car, a house, a country place – and save towards it. (c) Open a retirement account and contribute regularly to it;
  7. Become an investor now that you have some money; in this regard, note that having money is a responsibility and requires work. Like the movie, you must run it and it must never sleep or be left unattended.
  8. Get help if shopping is out of control. The first step in dealing with this addiction is admitting that you have a problem.
  9. Remember the object of shopping is stuff. This begs the question: “Do you have room for it?” You need to have  space to put it down.  And if you move, you need to hire a mover to transport it and perhaps some firm to store it. And of course, you need insurance to cover your stuff in the event of a loss. This begs another question: “Do you still want it?”
  10. Give lightly used items away. First, you do a good deed for those less fortunate and second, you make room for the new.
  11. Remember it is not what you have that counts. Instead, it  is who you are that is important!

Take it out for a spin and tell me if you agree.

And that’s my thought of the week on books, what’s yours? *
“Books are life; and they make life better!*”
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S & R* NEWS* Vol. 1, No. 7, October 11th 2010

S & R* NEWS* Vol. 1, No. 7,  October 11th  2010


S & R* Day in History*

October 11th

  • 1929 – JC Penney opens store #1252 in Milford, Delaware, making it a nationwide company with stores in all 48 U.S. states.
  • 1975 – The NBC sketch comedy/variety show Saturday Night Live debuts with George Carlin as the host and Andy Kaufman, Janis Ian and Billy Preston as guests.
  • 1844 – Birth – Henry Heinz, American food manufacturer (d. 1916)
  • 1884 – Birth – Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States and humanitarian (d. 1962)
  • (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)
    Dear Readers,
    Greetings – Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.
    We at Save and Read* S & R* are working on some new features and improvements. Today, I can tell of two. Soon,  I  will update you further as we get closer to the completion date for the others .


    I have posted a new edition of my blog on books. I have been thinking about Lindsay Lohan and I have some opinions. Now tell me, when do I not have an opinion?  If you are even a little curious, I encourage you to check it out. If you agree or don’t agree, in any eventuality, please do tell me what you think.

    We’re finally uploaded my new post. I had fun on the second leg of the Vancouver trip. And I am so pleased with the new button leading to my travel blog from the home page, just under the top banner, to the left. You’re invited to come along. The sights and times are fun.

    We’re finally uploaded my new post. I like my lasgana; and here and now is the second part. And I am so pleased with the new button leading to my food blog from the home page, just under the top banner, to the right. You’re invited to my kitchen. Pull up a chair.
    Last, I am so pleased by the content and volume of reader comments. Kindly keep them coming.1 As you know, I work better with feedback. Thanks.
    That’s all for now.
    Have a great week.
    Yours truly,
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    Vol. 1, No. 18, October 11, 2010


    (“I am worried about Lindsay Lohan & today’s kids, particularly our daughters !*”

    My book of the week is: “Lindsay Lohan: The Biography” (Hardcover – Apr 28, 2008) by Sarah Marshall. Hence my topic is celebrity and our kids, particularly our daughters.


    For today, my words are “adult” and “lady”.


    An adult is a human being or living organism that is of relatively mature age, typically associated with sexual maturity and the attainment of reproductive age. In human context, the term has other subordinate meanings associated to social and legal concepts, for example a legal adult is a legal concept for a person who has attained the age of majority and is therefore regarded as independent, self-sufficient, and responsible (contrast with “minor“). Adulthood can be defined in terms of physiologypsychological adult developmentlaw, personal character, or social status. (Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia / )


    The word lady is a polite term for a woman, specifically the female equivalent to, or spouse of, a lord or gentleman, and in many contexts a term for any adult woman. Once relating specifically to women of high social class or status, over the last 300 years it has spread to embrace all adult women, though in some contexts may still be used to evoke a concept of “lady-like” standards of behaviour. (Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia / )

    STUDY/STATISTICS : SADD/(Students Against Driving Drunk)

    Here are some stats about youngsters drinking and using drugs. How frightful!

    Underage drinking

    · In 2005, about 10.8 million persons ages 12-20 (28.2% of this age group) reported drinking alcohol in the past month. Nearly 7.2 million (18.8%) were binge drinkers, and 2.3 million (6.0%) were heavy drinkers.
    2005 SAMHSA National Survey on Drug Use and Health


    Drug use

    · In 2005, 9.9% of youths ages 12-17 were current illicit drug users: 6.8% used marijuana, 3.3% used prescription drugs for nonmedicinal purposes, 1.2% used inhalants, 0.8% used hallucinogens, and 0.6% used cocaine.
    2005 SAMHSA National Survey on Drug Use and Health

    (Source: SADD/

    S & R* NEWS ALERT*

    For Lindsay Lohan, there were two separate 2007 cases of driving under the influence of cocaine and alcohol.

    “At Lohan’s July 6 probation revocation hearing, the judge (Judge Marsha Revel) determined that Lohan had indeed violated the terms of her probation and sentenced her to 90 days in jail, starting July 20; in addition, the judge ordered Lohan to check into an inpatient rehab program for three months after her release from jail.[192][193]“. (Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia /

    Judge Marsha Revel was critical of Lohan, her lies, blaming others and skipping court-mandated alcohol-education classes. She found Lohan’s apology insincere, comparing it to “somebody who cheats and thinks it isn’t cheating if she doesn’t get caught.”



    Throughout my life, my mother always preached: “Who you hang out with, tells others who you are.” She always wanted to know who my friends were and where I was – hence, I walked on the straight and narrow. In turn, for my daughters, I did the same, but was somewhat more lenient.

    THE AUTHOR: Sarah Marshall

    Sarah Marshall is a professional writer and journalist on the celebrity beat. She has been a contributor to such magazines as: Mizz, Cosmogirl, Bliss, CD-UK and It’s Hot! She was the editor of a pre-teen title before moving to the BBC magazines Star and Top of the Pops. She has interviewed many high-profile stars.


    Some of her books are:  Daniel CraigFern BirttonJennifer AnistonLindsay’s Secrets, and Sienna’s Story.


    THE BOOK: “Lindsay Lohan: The Biography (Hardcover – Apr 28, 2008)

    by Sarah Marshall

    Marshall has given us the scoop on Lindsay Lohan. For all of you living on the moon, Lohan is one of the young and beautiful starlets. She started as a child fashion model for magazine and television ads. At 10, she made her acting debut in the soap opera, “Another World” and at 11, she made her film debut in “The Parent Trap”. Her parents divorced.  She was a teen queen.  She worked at Disney. Now an adult, she is striving to become a serious actress. Undoubtedly, she is recognized as a full-fledged Hollywood brat. The public thinks it needs to know about her ups and downs; as the tabloids, gossip and the paparazzi are always present. Thank you Ms. Marshall – I now know much more about Lindsay Lohan than I had first intended.


    If you thought that I was going to be critical of Lindsay Lohan – you are mistaken. While I am critical of her behavior, I am sympathetic to her plight. It has been said many times that a child movie star has a difficult time adjusting because of a childhood not being normal. I agree.  I guess everything in life comes with a price. Child stars may have had fame and money, but they were probably lacking in other important aspects. I think that Ms Lohan is troubled and acting out as a young woman – she is crying out for help. I pray that she gets the help, which she needs; and I encourage her to open herself to receive and accept the aid. FRANKLY, MY DEAR LINDSAY LOHAN, I DO GIVE A DAMN!

    Let me be perfectly clear. I pray that today’s parents teach their little princesses and princes about family values and the difference between right and wrong. In addition, my aim, like that of all other grandparents and also parents of today is to do everything possible so that the next generation will grow up to be well-grounded and productive adults: independent, self-sufficient and responsible. Without favoring a gender, I worry about the current generation of sugar and spice. I desire that the young women of tomorrow will be ladies: fine and high class, regardless if not of royal stock.

    The point

    Finally, I pray that today’s parents pay attention and learn from the sad Lohan case. Prayers are important; but yes Virginia, more substantively, I also have a few recommendations.

    1. Make your child’s world as normal as possible. All children want to be kids, fit in and be accepted; to do this, they need a day-to-day life made as average as possible.

    2. Ensure that the home is a safe environment.

    3. Be there for your children. This is very hard to do if both parents work or if the family is dysfunctional or has sustained a separation or divorce. In any event, ensure that at least one parent becomes the core in the family; as this contributes to stability at home and this in turn, contributes to stability in the young adult.

    4. Teach your child about respect for the law; and start with the need to abide by the rules in a family. Of course, answering: “No!” is another way of saying: “I love you.”

    5. Be an authority figure – do direct your child.  As toddlers, it is easier to direct them, but once they become teenagers it is harder to do.  As a result, start immediately. Remember, childhood is not a democracy!

    6. Know your child; the right to privacy gives way to the interest of the child. At this point, children could go in the wrong direction if a parent is not aware of the goings on in their child’s life.

    7. Give your child quality time; remember, a mischievous child may be acting out for attention;

    8. Love your child unconditionally. It is important that he or she feel loved.

    9. Acknowledge your child’s accomplishments and successes; and praise him or her freely and without limit, each time, that he or she acts appropriately.

    10. Inquire into your child’s friends and vigorously and persistently strive to keep him or her on the right road. Always,  keep in mind that peer pressure has a lot of influence in the way a child turns out.

    11. Teach kids that celebrities like Lindsay Lohan are human and as imperfect as all of us. Explain the difference between fame on the one hand and exemplary acts, high regard and respect, properly earned on the other.

    In closing, let me say that I truly believe in tomorrow’s men and women folk. We’ll get there; we just have some work to do. Can I count on your help?

    Take it out for a spin and tell me if you agree.

    And that’s my thought of the week on books, what’s yours? *
    “Books are life; and they make life better!*”

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    S & R* NEWS* Vol. 1, No. 6, October 3rd, 2010

    S & R* NEWS* Vol. 1, No. 6,  October 3rd,  2010

    SAVE & READ* S & R* NEWS*

    S & R* Day in History*

    October 3rd

  • 1955The Mickey Mouse Club debuts on ABC.
  • 1995 – O J Simpson acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
  • 1941 –  Birth – Chubby Checker, American singer-songwriter
  • 1967 –  Death  – Woody Guthrie, American musician (b. 1912)
  • (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia/

    Dear Readers,

    Greetings from Cyberspace.

    We at Save and Read* S & R* are working on some new features and improvements.  I will update you further as we get closer to the completion date.


    With the opening of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, I have been thinking about India. My new blog article on books therefore relates to India. It is entitled, “Games of Delhi 2010 – I appreciate my diverse friends : Indians from India (Part #1)*”I hope that you like it.

    Again, please keep reader communications coming.1 I work better with feedback. Thanks.

    That’s all for now.

    Have a great week.

    Yours truly,

    1. N.B. It is understood that by this sending, you agree that Save And Read* (S&R*) acquires such content and consent to Save And Read* (S&R*) publishing the same in any and all media/formats.


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    “Games of Delhi 2010 – I appreciate my diverse friends: Indians from India (Part #1)*”

    Vol. 1,  No. 17, October 3rd , 2010

    TITLE: “Games of Delhi 2010 – I appreciate my diverse friends : Indians from India (Part #1)*”

    Today on October 3rd, 2010, it is the opening day/ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games situate at Delhi, India. My book of the week is: “Tandoori Cooking @ Home [Paperback] by Sanjeev Kapoor  (Author). Hence, my topic is India, its expanding economy of increasing global importance, its wonderful people, its delicious food, etc. and also my great friends of Indian descent.


    For today, my word is “India”; and my phrases are: “Incredible India” and “Tandoori Cooking”.


    India ( /ˈɪndiə/), officially the Republic of India (Hindi: भारत गणराज्य Bhārat Gaṇarājya; see also official names of India), is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country with over 1.18 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world.[16][17] Mainland India is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the west, and the Bay of Bengal on the east; and it is bordered by Pakistan to the west;[note] Bhutan, the People’s Republic of China and Nepal to the north; and Bangladesh and Burma to the east. In the Indian Ocean, mainland India and the Lakshadweep Islands are in the vicinity of Sri Lanka and the Maldives, while India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands share maritime border with Thailand and the Indonesian island of Sumatra in the Andaman Sea.[18] India has a coastline of 7,517 kilometres (4,700 mi).[19] (Source: Wikipedia the free Enctclopedia/

    Incredible India (Tourism)

    “Incredible India Tourism gets your pulse racing as you explore its incredible tourist attractions. Travel to India, the extravagantly beautiful land, and your India Holidays will surely become tantamount to a wonderful ‘celebration’. India is a repertoire of surprises and delights, ready to leave you spell bound. India Tour offers amazing tourist destinations, which smile at you with their own specialties. Travel to India where its attractions never cease to amaze tourists who come here from across the globe. Laced with glorious culture and breathtaking attractions, India is a dream destination for all seasons.” (Source:

    Tandoori Cooking

    This is about cooking on a tandoor. A tandoor (Persian: تنور, Hindi: तन्दूर, Urdu: تندور, Armenian: Թոնիր) is a cylindrical clay oven used in cooking and baking. The tandoor is used for cooking in India, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Transcaucasus, the Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia as well as Burma and Bangladesh[citation needed]. (Source: Wikipedia the free enctclopedia/


    “In 2009, India’s nominal GDP stood at US$1.243 trillion, which makes it the eleventh-largesteconomy in the world.[117] If PPP is taken into account, India’s economy is the fourth largestin the world at US$3.561 trillion,[118] corresponding to a per capita income of US$3,100.[119]The country ranks 139th in nominal GDP per capita and 128th in GDP per capita at PPP.[117] With an average annual GDP growth rate of 5.8% for the past two decades, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.[120](Source: Wikipedia the free Enctclopedia/

    Bonus fact #1:  Women’s rights

    In India, there is a Women Reservation Bill 2010. Of course, I am for the rights of women. I found this particularly interesting.  Here is an explanation.

    “1. The women reservation bill will reserve the 33 percent seats in Parliament and state legislatures for the females.
    2. The bill is pending from the year 1996 proving that Indian politicians are not ready to accept this bill so every time we see the new drama, new demand from political parties.
    3. The women reservation bill will provide Reservation for women at each level of legislative decision-making, starting with the Lok Sabha, down to state and local legislatures.”

    Bonus fact #2: Indian- Canadian Comedian: Russel Peters

    I saw Russell Peters on television. “Russell Dominic Peters[3] (born September 29, 1970)[4] is a Canadian stand-up comic and actor. Peters was born in Toronto, raised in Brampton, and is of Anglo-Indian descent”  (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia/ He is supremely funny. Check him out!

    S & R* NEWS ALERT* – NEW DELHI : “Games all set for a gala opening”

    “New Delhi: About 7,000 men, women and children will dish out a show of India’s cultural heritage in a gala Commonwealth Games opening ceremony with the icing on the cake being Maestro A R Rahman’s performance at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Sunday.

    With most of the tickets already sold out, the two-hour ceremony, scheduled from 7 p m, will start with President Pratibha Patil and Britain’s Prince Charles expected to declare the Games open in front of a packed stadium of 65,000 capacity tomorrow.

    The 619-member strong Indian contingent will be led by Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra who will carry the Indian flag during the ceremony.

    Even as tennis sensation Sania Mirza will not be part of the Indian march-past as the Hyederabadi ace has preferred to rest, badminton star Saina Nehwal, Beijing Olympic Games bronze medalist boxer Vijender Kumar and wrestler Sushil Kumar will be among the six who will carry the baton during the formal part of the pageant.” (Source: Games all set for a gala opening”, Press Trust of India, Updated: Sat, Oct 2, 2010 22:10 IST/,-the-day-before-Commonwealth-Games-56523.html)


    I am a people person. I enjoy meeting people of diverse origins. Today, I will speak about Indians from India. Like Italians, Indians from India emigrated to all parts of the world and brought their culture, tradition and cuisine to many countries.  Thirty years ago, I met a female co-worker, of Indian origin, born and raised in Trinidad. We soon became best-friends. Along with her husband, a fine man, they made a great couple. We were neighbors. Our respective children not only played together, they also grew up together. As families, we socialized. We were very fortunate to have found such people with great intelligence, qualities and warmth. Indeed, our family adopted their family and their family adopted us, and we all became extended family, (e.g., aunts, uncles and cousins), by mutural appointment. For my daughters, this lovely couple became uncle and auntie.

    I was often invited to their home. As soon as you entered, you felt the friendship and hospitality. Fine food lived there – it was made from a variety of exotic ingredients.  The sit down meal and the finger foods were all delicious. I developed a taste for Indian food. Especially at family feasts on religious festivals and high holidays, the food was particularly delicate,  most colorful and beautifully presented. I will never forget these times. It is with this life experience and perspective that I considered my book for today.

    THE AUTHOR: “Tandoori Cooking @ Home [Paperback] by Sanjeev Kapoor (Author).

    “Sanjeev Kapoor is the most celebrated face of Indian cuisine today. Chef Extraordinaire, TV show host, author of best selling cookbooks, restaurant consultant, architect of a unique range of food products and winner of numerous culinary awards, Chef Kapoor is living his dream of making Indian cuisine the number one cuisine in the world and empowering women of this country towards making a healthy India – the motto being ‘Eat Well Live Well’.”(Source:

    He surely is an expert in the field of Indian cooking.


    TV program

    Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is also a TV personality. His credits include:

  • “Khana Khazana, the cookery show – he has been the host for more than16 years. It has won the ‘Best Cookery Show’ award by Indian Television Academy (ITA) and Indian Telly awards year after year. The show has completed more than 800 episodes. “
  • “‘Rasoi Khajina’ – this was an earlier home production – in Marathi telecast on DD Sahayadri.
  • Book collection

    Some of his books are:

  • “Khazana of Indian Recipes, Khazana of Healthy Tasty Recipes, Khana Khazana: Celebration of Indian Cookery, Low Calorie Vegetarian Cookbook, Any Time Temptations, ATT series of four small books, Best of Chinese Cooking, Microwave Cooking Made Easy, Simply Indian, Konkan Cook Book, No Oil Cooking, Cakes & Bakes, Chaats, Dal & Kadhi, Royal Hyderabadi Cooking, Party Cooking, T.V. Dinners, Wrap N Roll, Tandoori Cooking @ Home, Flavours of the Orient, Marwari Vegetarian Cooking, Cooking with Olive Oil,  Dakshin Delights and Simply Stylish Entertaining@Home;
  • The pocket books ATT Series Soups Salads Sandwiches, ATT Series Vegetarian Snacks and Starters, ATT Series Non Vegetarian Snacks and Starters, ATT Series Sweet Encounters, Punjabi, Non Vegetarian Chinese, Vegetarian Chinese, Microwave Desi Cooking, Chicken Recipes, Seafood, Non Vegetarian Recipes from Around the World, Vegetarian Recipes from Around the World, Desi Sabziyan, Dal Roti, Sweet Temptations, Italian, Paneer, Salad, Drinks and Mocktails, Thai, Street Foods, No Oil Vegetarian Cookbook,  Kadai Cooking, Pressure Cooking, Rice Biryani and Pulao, Vegetarian Rice, Biryani and Pulao, Vegetarian Breakfasts, Desi Mutton, Egg, Desi Aloo, Makai Magic, Dahi, Mushroom Mania, Noodles and Pasta, Pickles Chutneys n More, Say Cheese, Chai Nashta, Mirch Mazaa, Simple Home Baking, Tawa Handi Recipes, Sunday Special and Mango Masti;
  • THE BOOK:”Tandoori Cooking @ Home [Paperback] by Sanjeev Kapoor

    As we have seen, a Tandoor is a clay oven; and cooking on one is not the same as our everyday home stove. Indian specialties, the Tandoori way, takes a particular knowledge.  Sanjeev Kapoor, our master chef, knows how and he tells us not only how-to do it, but more, how-to do it WELL. In particular, he explains how to use a Tawa, an oven, an OTG and even a pressure cooker. The tandoori dishes include:  Poti Kabab; Aloo Nazakat; Tiranga Paneer Tikka; Mahi Tikka Lehsuni and Kakori Kabab.


    As you can see, I cherish my dear friends of Indian descent. I love the cuisine from India. But, as my final word, I want to leave with you something to take away from this piece. It is friendship, with those close and dear in general  and also the extra joy of enjoying the company of people not from your background.

    The point

    In order to achieve greater success in this regard, I say:

    1. Overcome shyness – being shy is a handicap to a fuller social life.

    2. Be open – you never know who will enter.  However, this does not mean, that in this world also including evil people, you should not be prudent, keeping your guard up. This is especially important for women. In support of this proposition,  I relate a recent occurrence. A new neighbor rang my doorbell, bearing gifts and saying “Hello”. I  was touched by this couple’s neighborliness. They made my day. Indeed, I believe that a stranger is a friend who you have not yet met!

    3. Be audacious when it comes to different groups, (e.g., ethnic, cultural, religious, etc.). Now proactive, say: “Hello” and ask these new acquaintances to tell you about themselves. It is very stimulating to learn about others. You become enriched. And  now more worldly, with more stories from real life experiences, you yourself, become more interesting. Now that ‘s win- win.

    I will close with the question, “Who in our global village, will I next introduce you to?” Coyly, I will answer “No comment.” In any event, it will appear soon in this space. Watch for it! I love people, don’t you?

    Take it out for a spin and tell me if you agree.

    And that’s my thought of the week on books, what’s yours? *


    “Books are life; and they make life better!*”


    -Web Tech:

    The above is a new media production of Valente under its “United Author*” program.

    *TM/© 2010 Practitioners’ Press Inc. – All Rights Reserved.

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