PHYSICAL WORKOUT: I have a plan, program and schedule – I love the happy endorphins!*

Vol. 2,  No. 33, January 8th, 2012
TITLE: “PHYSICAL WORKOUT: I have a plan, program and schedule – I love the happy endorphins!*”

It’s that time of the year when most people are thinking about getting fit and losing a pound or two. This follows the never-ending eating fest over the holidays. This week, my subject is physical exercise. I will speak about a do-it-yourself project of the gym kind. Thank you for joining us. My book of the week is: “101 Ways to Work Out with Weights: Effective Exercises to Sculpt Your Body and Burn Fat!” [Paperback] by Cindy Whitmarsh (Author), Kerri Walsh (Foreword) . Let’s do it! (Editor’s Note: This is part of a continuing series on health and fitness.) 
PREVIEW:   Next week, l will write about obesity in children. It’s a challenge of one family at a time. It’s also a problem, in many countries, of society at large. As a mother and grandmother and someone with lots of cooking experience, I have some opinions. You can access this table talk, starting late next Sunday night. (Editor’s Note: This is part of a continuing series on child rearing and education.)
My physical fitness routine has changed through the years.
Early phase: As a youth, I was energetic. Physical activity was a big part of my life. As a young woman, I started exercising at home. I bought a stair climber, a weight machine and some free weights.  I aimed for four to five sessions a week, each of ½ hour. 
Middle-age: Once I turned 40 years old, I knew that it would be harder to maintain my youthful physique. In order to do so, weight training would become my focus along with cardio. I joined a gym and trained after work. This was very difficult since the gym, in the evenings, is crowded at its full capacity. Further, my energy level was down.  I needed a new routine. 
Workplace phase: Luckily, exercise classes were being offered by my employer at lunch time and in the evening. I joined circuit-training and pilates and I chose the noon sessions. The circuit training class was great. A qualified-trainer set up posts. Each person trains 30 seconds at each post and then moves onto the next until the cycle is complete.  We repeated the cycle until out of time. I also had female co-workers with whom I worked out. I loved it. I also felt energized.  
Retirement phase:  After I retired, I didn’t exercise for four months. I felt tired, sluggish and generally miserable.  Although I didn’t gain weight, I felt heavy and out of shape.  I started looking around for a good gym.  My better half and I found one close to home and we now train four times a week for a maximum of 1 1/2 hours each time. Our program is:  (a) 30 minutes of running/walking machines: Cross trainer, Treadmill, Elliptical,Stepper, stationary bike, etc.; (b) 30 minutes of machines: 1st day – Arms & shoulders(Biceps, triceps, etc.); 2nd day – Legs and thighs; 3rd day – Front & back; and 4th day: Mix of this; (c) 10 minutes of free weights (dumbells);  (d) 5 minutes of barbells; and (e) 10 minutes of mat exercises (abdominals) and stretches.

THE AUTHOR: Cindy Whitmarsh
Whitmarsh is a licensed sports nutritionist and fitness instructor. In 1997, she founded Ultrafit Nutrition Systems in 1997. She is also the founder of Ultrafit Kids and Ultrafit Food on the Go! She also writes books. To learn more about this lady, I invite you to visit


Some are:
“Ultrafit Cooking”

  • “UltraFit”
  • “101 Ways to Work Out on the Ball”
  • “101 Ways to Work Out with Weights Effective Exercises to Sculpt Your Body and Burn Fat”
  • “Ultrafit Challenging Workouts — Amazing ResultsDVD Video”
  • Ultrafit Fat Burning Workout”
  • �10 Minute Solution&#65533″  (a target toning DVD)

 THE BOOK:”101 Ways to Work Out with Weights: Effective Exercises to Sculpt Your Body and Burn Fat!” [Paperback] by Cindy Whitmarsh (Author), Kerri Walsh (Foreword)
This book is written more for women; but men are still welcome to pick it up. It is perfect for someone wanting to start or improve a weight-lifting routine. It
is about dumbbells …not those with nothing between the ears, but that old reliable piece of workout equipment. They are a common part of a home gym, because they are low tech and inexpensive. But more often than not, due to lack of knowledge, they`re not used correctly or not at all. With her direction, they could be just what you needed to  get you to the fitness promised land. I agree. The words of this lady are so powerful, they could firm you up and slim you down. It’s win win!  

Getting and staying fit is a very good thing.
Personal Comments

It is common knowledge that people start the New Year with the resolution of joining a gym and getting into shape. As a result, gyms get lots of new members in January, but many drop out a short time later. 
Physical exercise is a big part of healthy living. Exercise affects every aspect of our day-to-day activities.
The benefits of exercising are enormous. Besides the physical, there are many emotional advantages – some are: self-confidence, overall mood, stamina, etc. 

Physical training should include:
(a) Cardio – this addresses your cardiovascular system. The program may be with gym machines or by outdoor workouts. Routines target endurance, calorie-burning, etc. Sweating is good.   
(b) Resistance machines;
(c) Weight training : Free weights (dumbells) & Barbells – It is important for losing weight, raising your metabolism, body strengthening, etc.
(d) Mat exercises and stretches – These are to build strong, stable and firm abdominal muscles (abs). Abdominal exercises are important. There are abdominal plyometric, stretches, flexibility, etc.
With my current gym program, I feel stronger and tighter. I also have a happy and postive feeling of well-being. This is due to happy endorphins. I get my share …do you?
A gym has a particular ambience. Ours is located in a strip mall drug store size. Besides the training equipment, there are TV screens with newschannels and sports channels. There is an aerobic studio; but, it’s not my thing at this time. The snack counter has healthy shakes and bars plus health store packaged foods; I am thinking about soon ordering something. For me, gym chic doesn’t mean T-shirts and sweat shirts with the gym logo – I prefer my personal style no-name gym wear. I particularly liked the wall of fame. The gym owner as a young body builder is prominently featured. There were several signed photos of gym goers who made good: elite athletes, professionals,  etc.      

Gym community:  
There is also a social dimemsion. The gym staff and personal trainers are helpful and cheerful – I find this surprising as I am not a morning person. Ours is a popular place – it has an eclectic group of people.  I rekindled several old acquaintances and also met some new people.
Seniors should make exercise part of life – it’s the key to longevity and keeping young. It’s also something that you can do with your mate.  
The Point
Physical exercise is the way to go. It’s a surefire way to get your endorphins up…
1. Ask yourself, “What’s the good with exercise? I thought that you would never ask. I say that there are many benefits to exercising. Exercise will:  
1.1 Improve your health;
1.2 Improve your mood;
1.3 Give you stamina;
1.4 Boost your energy;
1.5 Control your weight along with proper eating habits;
1.6 Improve your sex life;
1.7 Improve your sleeping pattern;
2. Find out what type of exercise that you prefer; to this end,
2.1 Try aerobic classes to see if they are your cup of tea;

2.2 Walk or run to get the systems green to go;  
2.3 Discover and use the various resistance gym machines
2.4 Pump some iron on a regular basis for strength   
2.5 Concentrate on abs
2.6 Top it off with a few good stretches.  
3. Commit to what works for you – this is how to continue
4. Make exercise a lifelong habit to achieve the good life! 
Any gym sense? If not, get some. You’ll be better for it. And you might even have some fun! 

And that’s my thought of the week on books, what’s yours?*
Take it out for a spin and tell me if you agree.
“Books are life; and they make life better!*”
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S & R* CHOICE ANECDOTAGE #1: Young Richard Simmons
“Before Richard Simmons’ hand was turned to fitness, it was often turning a fork. As early break came while Simmons was studying art in Italy, when he was cast in the famous food orgy scene in Fellini’s Satyricon. Simmons also once appeared in an early Italian TV commercial. His role? A dancing meatball.”
(Source: Anecdotage) –
S & R* CHOICE ANECDOTAGE #2: Angelina Jolie: Jolie Fit?
“Angelina Jolie once explained how she had slimmed down to play Lara Croft in the film Tomb Raider. While Jolie also worked out with weights, she explained, “having sex with my husband Billy Bob Thornton keeps me in much more shape.”
(Source: Anecdotage) –
S & R* CHOICE ANECDOTAGE #3: Ben Stiller: Bench Press
“While doing bench press exercises at the gym one day, Ben Stiller found himself pinned beneath a barbell, screaming for help. He was pleased to have another bodybuilder help him out. He was less pleased when that bodybuilder – a dainty woman – offered him a word of advice: “Use less weight.”
(Source: Anecdotage) –
 S & R* QUOTE #1: Sharon Salzberg
“As I go through all kinds of feelings and experiences in my journey through life — delight, surprise, chagrin, dismay — I hold this question as a guiding light: “What do I really need right now to be happy?” What I come to over and over again is that only qualities as vast and deep as love, connection and kindness will really make me happy in any sort of enduring way.”
(Source: Wisdom Quotes) –
S & R* QUOTE #2: Sir Julian Huxley
“There are two ways of living: a man may be casual and simply exist, or constructively and deliberately try to do so. The constructive idea implies a constructiveness not only about one’s own life, but about that of society, and the future possibilities of mankind.”
(Source: Wisdom Quotes) –
S & R* QUOTE #3: Barbara de Angelis
“No matter what age you are, or what your circumstances might be, you are special, and you still have something unique to offer. Your life, because of who you are, has meaning.”
(Source: Wisdom Quotes) –
“For today, my word/phrase(s) are:  “physical fitness”; “health club”; “health”; “physical exercise”; etc.
Health Club
“A health club (also known as a fitness club, fitness center, and commonly referred to as a gym) is a place which houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise.”
(Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) –

Exercise machine
Climbing machine
“Also named stair-climbing machines, they work the user’s legs as he/she pumps pedals up and down, much like climbing stairs. Some climbing machines have handles to push and pull to exercise the whole body.”
(Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) ––
Resistance weight machines
“Weight machines use gravity as the primary source of resistance, and a combination of simple machines to convey that resistance, to the person using the machine. Each of the simple machines (pulley, lever, wheel, incline) changes the mechanical advantage of the overall machine relative to the weight.”

(Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) –


Physical Fitness
“Physical fitness, a general state of good health, usually as a result of exercise and nutrition.”
(Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) –

“Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living being. In humans, it is the general condition of a person’s mind, body and spirit, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury or pain (as in “good health” or “healthy”).[1]”
(Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) –

Physical Exercise
“Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. It is performed for various reasons including strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, weight loss or maintenance, as well as for the purpose of enjoyment.”
(Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) –

“Physical exercise is important for maintaining physical fitness and can contribute positively to maintaining a healthy weight, building and maintaining healthy bone density, muscle strength, and joint mobility, promoting physiological well-being, reducing surgical risks, and strengthening the immune system. Exercise reduces levels of cortisol[13], which causes many health problems, both physical and mental.[14]
Frequent and regular aerobic exercise has been shown to help prevent or treat serious and life-threatening chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, insomnia, and depression.[15] Endurance exercise before meals lowers blood glucose more than the same exercise after meals.[16] According to the World Health Organization, lack of physical activity contributes to approximately 17% of heart disease and diabetes, 12% of falls in the elderly, and 10% of breast cancer and colon cancer.[17]
Too much exercise can be harmful. Without proper rest, the chance of stroke or other circulation problems increases,[46] and muscle tissue may develop slowly. Extremely intense, long-term cardiovascular exercise, as can be seen in athletes who train for multiple marathons, has been associated with scarring of the heart and heart rhythm abnormalities.[47][48][49]Inappropriate exercise can do more harm than good, with the definition of “inappropriate” varying according to the individual.”
Types of exercise
“Physical exercises are generally grouped into three types,[7] depending on the overall effect they have on the human body:
• Flexibility exercises, such as stretching, improve the range of motion of muscles and joints.[8]
• Aerobic exercises, such as cycling, swimming, walking, skipping rope, rowing, running, hiking or playing tennis, focus on increasing cardiovascular endurance.[9]
• Anaerobic exercises, such as weight training, functional training, eccentric training or sprinting, increase short-term muscle strength.[10] Categories of physical exercise
• Strength training
• Agility training
• Eccentric Training”
(Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) –
S & R* NEWS ALERT* #1: Stay in shape with winter exercise
With the cold winter months upon us, we can choose to hibernate or we can make the best of it and discover a winter wonderland that is full of possibilities. While bundling up in front of a crackling fireplace has its appeal, taking a brisk walk on a crisp, sunny day beforehand will make it that much more enjoyable. Staying active year-round has many health benefits. Properly designed activities can keep your weight in check, increase your flexibility and overall fitness, and do wonders for your state of mind. When it comes to your joints, physical activity can provide direct benefits. When you’re active, you’re actually feeding your joints. Cartilage depends on joint movement to absorb nutrients and remove waste. Cartilage, ligaments and bone also become stronger and more resilient with regular exercise. Physical activity and exercise actually help keep joints healthy. Even if you haven’t been physically active in a while, it’s never too late to start. Physical activity doesn’t have to be difficult. The Arthritis Society offers the following winter tips:Stay warm. When heading outdoors, remember to wear a hat even on moderate days. If it’s very cold, breathe through a balaclava or scarf.Take to the trails. Consider taking a lesson in cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Both activities have a low impact on your knees, yet work the whole body and can burn an incredible 480 calories per hour even at a relatively relaxed pace. Many winter resorts, ski clubs and provincial parks offer equipment rentals, as well as instructions. Play in the snow. Build a snowman or a snow-fort, or make snow angels. Or challenge the neighbours to a game of snow-pitch. Don’t forget your shovel. That snowy sidewalk has to be cleared anyway, so why not turn shovelling into an impromptu workout? Shovelling snow requires as much energy (read: burns as many calories) as running at 15 km per hour. A fully-loaded shovel can weigh up to 25 pounds. But you can minimize the
strain on your muscles and joints, and still get a great work out by taking your time and stretching beforehand. Drink plenty of fluids. Remember to stay well hydrated when exercising in cold weather just as you would when exercising in warm weather. Even if you’re not thirsty, remember to drink water or sports drinks before, during and after your workout. You can become just as dehydrated in the cold as in the heat from sweating, breathing and increased urine production, but it may be harder to notice during cold weather.
Speak to your doctor before you start a vigorous activity to ensure it’s suitable for you. You can learn more about managing arthritis online at”

S & R* NEWS ALERT* #2: Keep your children fit while they play
“(NC) Toys that encourage physical fitness are a great way to keep your children fit, active and having fun all year-round. Therefore, putting just the right activity-gift under the tree will not only ensure your kids have fun, but will also stay healthy without even realizing it.What is an activity-toy? One of the most popular activity gifts is the ride-on-toy. Aside from being fun, ride-on-toys offer many additional benefits such as developing a sense of balance and coordination, and make a big contribution to a child’s overall physical fitness. This year, take a look at the PlasmaCar by Plasmart Inc. It’s a mechanical marvel that can be driven on any flat surface, indoors and outdoors, and is powered solely by kid-power. This
attractive vehicle is a fun way for kids to ride around the neighbourhood, keep their bodies fit, and have fun at the same time. It requires no batteries or fuel, just the occasional cookie or two for the driver. What makes a good outdoor gift? Outdoor toys need to be well made. Not only do they need to stand-up to rough and tumble kid treatment, they need to be able to survive all types of weather. Outdoor toys should also have rounded corners to help prevent scrapes and cuts that go hand-in-hand with outdoor fun. Makers of the PlasmaCar say it’s highly durable and can handle a load of up to 100 kg (220 lbs) on a smooth, flat surface, and 55 kg (120 lbs) on a rough, flat surface. Not only will it handle the daily abuse at the hands of your children, it’s so durable that parents can have fun riding it too. The colour is highly appealing to kids and with its rounded curves, seat and steering wheel, this design will help reduce summer bumps and bruises.”
TM/© 2012 Practitioners’ Press Inc. – All Rights Reserved

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