TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS -online or not: I want one that is educational and also the hottest, coolest, engaging, rewarding and perfect for my gorgeous grandkids!*

Vol. 3, No.33, Monday, December 3rd, 2012

TITLE: “TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS – online or not: I want one that is educational and also the hottest, coolest, engaging, rewarding and perfect for my gorgeous grandkids!*”


With Christmas fast approaching, I’m thinking about holiday shopping especially buying toys for my grandchildren.  That’s the topic of my post of today. Therefore my book of the week is Toys for Kids” [Hardcover] by Patricia Massó (Author). (Editor’s Note: This is another in the continuing series on holidays and special dates.)


As a Mother: I remember when the first cabbage patch dolls came on the market. I waited in line for hours to buy one for my daughter. It was her favorite doll. It was still very popular when I wanted to buy one for my second daughter, but I then had an easier time.

As a Grandmother: Last week, while babysitting my grandson, we played with letters and numbers.  As we played, we sang the ABCs. Playing with the right toys could be very educational for toddlers.  It’s fascinating to see how eager they are to learn. 

Last year, I had wanted to buy Raggedy  Ann   for my granddaughter but couldn’t find it, so I bought Raggedy Andy instead.  I think this is a doll every little girl should have. A few months later, I bought a couple of trucks – one each for my grandkids. I was pleased that my granddaughter liked it as much as my grandson.    

I just bought a table set (incl. 4 chair)t online for my grandkids for this coming Christmas .  It was wood – I thought that it would be more durable than plastic. It was easy to make the purchase and was also discounted. 

My daughters: My daughters know and only buy quality educational toys. They look for toys to help the children learn and develop skills.

Playtime: My daughter – a mother of two, spends many hours playing and educating her children with toys. She keeps the toys in the play area, easily accessible. The children have been taught that once play time is over, it’s clean up and they have to put their toys away… all pieces of a set in the proper box. 

Important toy lesson: This year, my daughter has decided to donate some of her kids’ toys to a kids charity foundation. My grandkids are aware of it and are happy to give to other children.  At a young age, they are learning to give to those less fortunate.  It’s a lesson in life that’s very important. 

THE AUTHOR: Patricia Massó (Author)

Patricia Massó wrote Toys for Boys and Toys for Girls. Luxury goods is now her focus.



Several of her books are:

THE BOOK:  Toys for Kids [Hardcover] by Patricia Massó (Author)  

Toys for Kids focuses on luxury grade goods for children. She speaks of more than 150 products. It covers infancy through to the teenage years. These toys are beautiful and exclusive. Here, you can learn about 1st class toys. Personally, I’m not impressed by the price tag, it’s more to give a toy that he/she would like and enjoy.


Children play most of the day … it’s what children do.  They play with toys, don’t they? Yes and no….you see, in my kitchen, they also play with plastic food containers. Who knew food storage could be so much fun? 

Personal Comments

I say:

Toys for children

  1. That many people say that all toys are educational.  Others argue that some are described as educational just to get parents to buy them. I think that it’s possible. What do you say?
  2. That according to research, toys which stimulate a child’s mind, have a positive impact.

Toys for Toddlers

  1. That toys play an important role in the day-to-day activities of toddlers especially those who are curious. Toys are seen as (a) Educating; (b) Developing skills; (c) Boosting creative capacity; (d) Strengthening imagination; (e) Teaching the lesson of sharing with other children.
  2. That I now look for toys, which are educational, suitable for the ages of my grandkids and also recommended (by experts, consumer testing, etc.).

The Point

Childhood is a sweet time … play is a big part of a child’s life. I like to think that learning and discovery happens everyday. Quality toys help with the development of a child. Choose quality toys … always!


Each parent should

  1. Designate a play area for your child
  2. Inspect your child’s toys regularly
  3. Monitor your child’s play every moment
  4. Keep up-to-date on toy recalls – in Canada visit
  5. Pay attention to what your kids like and what they return to again and again – this will help you in your next toy purchases.

Toy buyers should:

  1. Research the subject of toys – this is a big merchandise category. There is a huge toy-buying market.
  2. Consider toy advertising to kids. Voice your opinion. Use your wallet to make a statement. Remember children are the users, but parents are the buyers.
  3. Choose using the right criteria – there are so many types, shapes and sizes … enough to fill up big box stores.
  4. Purchase gifts for toddlers carefully; in this regard,
  • Look at toys which encourage toddlers and teach them different skills.
  • Recognize that toys enhance the knowledge of toddlers and allow them to explore and develop their mind.

5. Consider toy advertising to kids. Consider also the issue of child labor.  Remember while children are the users, parents are the buyers and can make a statement with their wallets.

6. Buy toys which are: (a) Appropriate for your child’s age; (b) Safe for children; (c) Educational;

7. Stay away from junk. Instead of spending a dollar or two on a few items, put them together and buy one thing better.

8. Try to buy quality toys – they usually will do good service   and they will last longer.

9. Buy a toy that you can play with along with your child.

10. Buy two of a kind, if they are inexpensive – one for each child. But be careful, they still need to learn how to share. 

11. Shop early – there is a risk that your preferred toy will be “out of stock”.

12. Deliver lightly used toys to charitable organizations for distribution to the less fortunate.

When it comes to gifts for my grandkids, here’s four words that say it all:

From Nana, With Love.”*

And that’s my thought of the week on books, what’s yours?*
Take it out for a spin and tell me if you agree.
“Books are life; and they make life better!*”

PREVIEW (Tentatively, Monday, December 10th 2012): SANTA CLAUSE, yesterday, today and tomorrow* 

With Christmas fast approaching, I’m  sure things are nuts at the North Pole. It must be crazy busy! Santa is making his last minute travel arrangements. The sled and reindeer are in the shop, being checked out by the maintenance team. I’m thinking about Santa since I’m putting up holiday decorations. I got to thinking about the origin and history of the Santa and reindeer character folklore. Why don’t you come by … you just might get into the spirit of the season. (Editor’s Note: This is another in the continuing series on holidays and special dates.)

PREVIEW (now tentatively re-scheduled for early January 2013): I was at the gym awhile back and a fellow was explaining to a young woman (a newbee at weights and workout machines) that discipline was essential if you want to get fit and in shape. It got me to thinking about (self-) discipline to being the key to success whatever the pursuit. That week, I will upload a post on  discipline … as long as I stay disciplined enogh to write it! Please come by to see if I managed to do it!

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S & R* QUOTE #1:
Benjamin Franklin

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For today, my word/phrase(s) are:  “toys”;


“A toy is any item that can be used for play.” (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) –

Educational Toy

“Toys may be used for a number of educational purposes. Some toys have incidental educational value, while others are known specifically by the moniker of “educational toys.” (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)



Number of establishments around the country that primarily manufactured dolls and stuffed toys in 2009. California led the nation with 15 locations.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, County Business Patterns, NAICS code 339931,



The number of locations that primarily produced games, toys and children’s vehicles in 2009; they employed 7,858 workers. California led the nation with 98 establishments.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, County Business Patterns, NAICS code 339932,


$2.5 billion

The value of U.S. toy imports including stuffed toys (including dolls), puzzles and electric trains from China between January and September 2011. China was the leading country of origin for stuffed toys coming into this country, as well as for a number of other popular holiday gifts.  These include roller skates ($24.6 million), sports footwear ($253.8 million) and basketballs ($38.9 million). China leads Thailand as the leading supplier of ice skates ($17.7 million versus $9.8 million), with Canada ranking third ($4.2 million).”

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Statistics www/ (Source: U.S. Census Bureau) –


S & R*NEWS ALERT*#1: Top 6 toys for 2012

“As a kid, the holidays officially arrived with the delivery of the Sears Holiday Wish Book. For 60 years, Canadian kids created their own personal wish lists by dog-earing or highlighting the pages and cleverly leaving it a conspicuous place like mom and dad’s bed-side table.

Today the tradition remains and some of the top toys may also look a little familiar.

According to the experts, the top six toy picks for Holiday 2012 include:

Hasbro’s Furby assortment is the number one toy of 2012. This innovative toy develops a personality as the child plays with it and interacts with other Furby toys;

The Leap Frog LeapPad 2 Explorer inspires kids to imagine and explore, with front-and-back cameras, 4GB of memory and a library of 325+ apps for limitless learning and fun;

Hasbro Beyblades Metal Fury Destroyer Dome allows kids to battle it out between their Spiral Fox and Cyclone Herculeo tops in the Destroyer Dome arena;

Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Loops ‘N Swoops Amusement Park is over two feet tall, anchored by a rolling ramp filled with twists and turns and a gravity defying 360-degree loop;

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower has a motorized elevator that moves cars to the top of the set for continuous play. A moving saw and chomping monster create multiple options for diversion throughout the track; and

Lego a timeless favourite. Whether building the Star Wars TIE Fighter, using basic bricks to create your own masterpiece, this classic toy is always a crowd-pleaser.

Retro toys such as Furby, Beyblades, Hot Wheels and Lego are as popular this year as they were when they first came out, said Cedric Canu, the divisional merchandise manager for The Baby’s Room and toys at Sears. As a parent myself, I love the idea of reliving and sharing my memories of playing with Hot Wheels with my son.

These toys are available in the 60thAnniversary Wish Book online at”

S & R*NEWS ALERT*#2: Picking the perfect toy

“As the holiday season approaches, children all over the world are carefully crafting their Christmas lists with hopes that Santa and his helpers (a.k.a mom and dad) will hear their wishes. And each and every year parents are challenged with the daunting task of picking those perfect toys. To help make this holiday shopping season a little less stressful, here are some easy toy buying tips.

Think high-tech. This year’s wish lists are expected to be dominated by techy must-haves. Kids nowadays are leaving traditional toys behind and are looking for more interactive gadgetry. Whether it’s a kid-friendly tablet, app-enabled fun, or the new Furby – a cute, talkative little creature – look for gifts that can kids can communicate and interact with.

Avoid last minute shopping. According to a recent Duracell survey more than half of parents admit to last minute shopping, and some haven’t been able to get the gifts their kids want as a result. To cut down on stress and avoid the risk of the top toys being sold out, try and get your shopping done as early as possible.

Gender neutral giving. While twenty years ago the playground was clearly split between the dolls and the action figures, now you’re far more likely to be pestered to buy the same present for a child regardless of whether they’re a boy or a girl. Toys that can also be shared between siblings are a thumbs up in the wish-list department.

Can we play together? Children may appear to want expensive toys, but they also want more play time with their family and friends. Interactive games such as the new TWISTER Dance Game are the perfect way to have some family fun. Kids and adults alike will enjoy playing and dancing together to their favourite tunes.

Powering your holiday fun. With so much focus on finding the perfect gift, some of the smaller details can easily get overlooked. Make sure you have fresh Duracell with DuraLock batteries on hand so kids (and mom or dad) can play with their new toys and gadgets right away. Giving the perfect gift can put a smile on anyone’s face – but nobody wants to witness a child’s disappointment when they open a powerless toy.

By following these simple holiday shopping tips, becoming a toy pro (and the coolest parent) is easy. Who knows maybe next year Santa will be calling you for advice.”

*TM/© 2012 Practitioners’ Press Inc. – All Rights Reserved.

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