INTERIOR DESIGN & DECOR: I am decorating; I have ideas and tips and will show you!*

Vol. 4, No.13, Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TITLE: “INTERIOR DESIGN & DECOR: I am decorating; I have ideas and tips and will show you!*”


I’m moving. Since I’m relocating my household furniture, I’m also redecorating. You know what they say, “You learn by doing.” I knew a lot before, but I’m now learning even more.  Interior decorating is therefore on my mind.  This is why today’s book is “Decorate: 1,000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room” [Hardcover] by Holly Becker (Author), Joanna Copestick (Author) (Editor’s Note: This is another post in a continuing series on home and garden.)


I’ve moved a few times in my life. Unfortunately, I was also involved in the closing of my Mom’s household after she passed away. It involves packing up, moving and then unpacking. It takes forever. Of course, we need lots and lots of cardboard boxes.

It’s also about selecting what you’re going to keep and what’s to be given away. Then it’s about making new purchases, balancing quality and value with budget. Next, it’s about merging it all together, trying to figure out what’s going to go where. It’s also about choosing the color scheme. I’m tired just writing it down.

THE AUTHOR: Holly Becker, Joanna Copestick, Debi Treloar

Holly Becker: Becker knows and thing or two about decorating. She’s the founder and editor of – it has 45,000 daily readers. She is also a columnist for Based in Europe, (Germany), she has taste.

Joanna Copestick: Copestick is passionate about decorating. She is the author of over 10 lifestyle and decor books. Living in the U.K., she also has taste.

Debi Treloar: Treloar is a photographer. Her photos have appeared in  Elle Decor, the Sunday Times, and over 30 books. Living in the U.K., she also has taste.



Holly Becker

Several are:

THE BOOK: Decorate: 1,000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room [Hardcover] Holly Becker (Author), Joanna Copestick (Author)

This book contains decorating explanations, ideas and suggestions.  You can learn from top world designers and renowned decor experts. To name a few, there are: Kelly Wearstler, Amy Butler, Jonathan Adler, etc. This covers every room and every budget. It’s a good How-To book. It has line illustrations, checklists, shortcuts and floor plans. There are also 500+-photos. It’s a great resource!


Your home is your castle. It should reflect you and your life style.

Personal Comments

I say:

  • That I pay attention to the number and size of windows.  It’s important for me to have a bright, sunny home.
  • That I also pay attention to the color scheme. I’m drawn to the lighter colors. Your furniture plays a big part in the colors that you should choose.  For example, if your furniture is a traditional, dark wood set, your color scheme should complement this.
  • That choosing the right shade of paint is difficult.  You think you know what color you need until you get to the paint store and look at the color selection.  There are so many shades to choose from that it’s confusing and very hard to select just the right one.
  • That I love the color red.  If done right, it can turn out a vibrant and sophisticated color.
  • That with the bathroom, we chose the bathtub, sink, and toilette in white.  You could play with the accessories and change the color of the bathroom now and again.
  • That when it comes to porcelain ceramic, my choice was a light color. It makes the room look bigger and brighter.
  • That my aim is to make a house look brighter and bigger.
  • That adding colors will change the atmosphere of a room.
  • That dark colors will create a dramatic environment.
  • That colors that are soft, subtle, tranquil are more desirable for bedrooms, bathrooms or offices.
  • That the kitchen is the heart of the house. It then must be easy to be there.
  • That my preference generally is for light colors.

The Point

Make your house a home. Make it beautiful and comfortable! And do it up right! While budget is important, taste is more important.


  1. Decide what result you are aiming for in the space you are decorating.
  2. Think about counter tops for kitchen and bathroom. Granite is preferable if possible. It’s now all the rage.
  3. Think about kitchen cupboards. Look for the solid oak type. Old is better!
  4. Think about kitchen and bathroom flooring. Ceramic of the porcelain kind is best. Porcelain ceramic is a stronger tile and if it chips, the imperfection is  not noticeable.
  5. Think about carpeting. I do not like wall-to-wall, but I like area carpets. I might even buy a red one for my living room.
  6. Think about art – I like traditional pieces.
  7. Think about furniture – personally I like baroque and dark traditional. In this regard,

a. Don’t put so much that it appears to be cluttered;

b . Don’t block the space where you walk.

8. Decide upon a color scheme. In this regard,

a. Choose  a color that is cool or warm; Note:

i.      That warm colors are reds, oranges and yellows;

ii.      That cool colors are greens, blues and violets.

b.      Note:

i.      That white and neutral colors will make the smallest space look bigger.

ii.      That a neutral room could be dull and boring. The solution is to use red – it could be very welcoming and gives a burst of energy. But remember that when using red in a room, the remainder should offset it.  This is done by adding a neutral color to calm this powerful color.

iii.      That for a bedroom, you need calming colors like green, blue, etc. Don’t use red here!

iv.      That for a kitchen, you should use warm colors like reds, oranges, yellows. You could also use cool colors – greens, blues, violet.

v.      That for bathroom – cool colors are best.  You could even try to create a spa atmosphere.

vi.      That for an office – neutral is best. This is to create an office-like atmosphere, one promoting concentration, calmness, etc.

Thanks for the boxes. Now please pass the paint brush.  Oh by the way, you look cute with a little paint on your nose. 

And that’s my thought of the week on books, what’s yours?*
Take it out for a spin and tell me if you agree.
“Books are life; and they make life better!*”

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S & R* QUOTE #1: A friend

“If you have good taste, use it!”

For today, my word/phrase(s) are:  “interior design”;

Interior design describes a group of various yet related projects that involve turning an interior space into an “effective setting for the range of human activities” that are to take place there.[1] ”  (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) –


“This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in planning, designing, and administering projects in interior spaces to meet the physical and aesthetic needs of people using them, taking into consideration building codes, health and safety regulations, traffic patterns and floor planning, mechanical and electrical needs, and interior fittings and furniture. Interior designers and interior design consultants work in areas, such as hospitality design, health care design, institutional design, commercial and corporate design, and residential design. This industry also includes interior decorating consultants engaged exclusively in providing aesthetic services associated with interior spaces.

Index entries that bring you to this industry:

  • Decorating consulting services, interior
  • Interior decorating consultant services
  • Interior decorating consulting services
  • Interior design consulting services
  • Interior design services
  • Interior designer services.”

(Source: U.S. Census Bureau) –


S & R*NEWS ALERT*#1: Add some gold glamour to your home

“With a major resurgence on runways and in design, gold accents have made a grand return to home interiors. Gold can add a sense of warmth and style to your space regardless of your overall decorating style. With some simple updates, you can add the perfect Midas touch to brighten your space.

Throw Pillows Add some flair to your living room by adding throw pillows with gold accents. This inexpensive option provides comfort and style. It can also breathe new life into a seemingly dull sofa. If you’re DIY savvy, consider embellishing existing pillows with gold fringe around the edges.

Wall Decals Modern wall decals are cost-efficient and easy to apply and can be changed with the season. Why not try a fun pin stripe or a quatrefoil print in a small space such as the powder room for an extra touch of pizazz?

Door Knobs Bronze-toned pulls on kitchen or sideboard cabinets can refresh and add life to previously dull cabinets whether they are dark or light, and can be the perfect accent for your décor theme.

Kitchen Utensils Looking to spruce up the table décor at your next dinner party? Consider gold-toned dining utensils, which will pair beautifully with your china regardless of its shape and pattern and the reflection from a candlelit table will be magical.

Metallic Paint A dramatic new trend in paints, feel free to ‘bronze’ your home with this finish. It doesn’t take much to make a statement and the look will remain timeless. Consider painting dishes, legs of accent tables, picture frames or accent objects.

Kitchen Faucet Looking to refresh your kitchen space on a budget? Consider swapping out your kitchen faucet. This pinnacle item within the kitchen truly sets the tone for the space, so why not consider a faucet with a gold-toned hue? Delta Faucet’s lineup features stylish models in a Champagne Bronze finish that add flair and function to the kitchen space. Incorporating just a few of these suggestions can add warmth and instant glamour to your space.”

S & R*NEWS ALERT*#2:Decorate with the latest home-fashion trends

“We’ve seen decor trends come and go over the years, but according to home décor expert Karl Lohnes there are a few that have held the test of time and become classics.

In the 1980’s natural sea grass carpeting became a classic that never went away. In the 90’s stainless steel kitchen appliances appeared on the domestic market and stabilized as long-term investments. So what recent and new decorating trends are making their way into the hall of fame to be around for the next five to 10 years? Lohnes shares his insights:

Grey: This solemn neutral was very popular in the mid 80’s; back then it was a steely blue grey and used only to achieve a modern aesthetic. Its return to the decorating world was a nice way to ease us away from all the golden taupe that we had grown so fond of. But this time around the grey is a bit warmer (think grey flannel) and is used for both traditional and modern decorating. Look for this neutral to stick around and watch it warm up a bit more to an elephant, or driftwood colour. This will be the new taupe; cooler than what we remember and looking great with off-white, gold metallics and shots of strong colour. Progressive décor companies like Hunter Douglas has included a fresh grey in its new Parkland wood blinds collection. Called Salt and Pepper, it is a mid-tone that adds layering and depth at the window.

Chevron pattern: Whether you call it zigzag, herringbone or chevron, this angled linear pattern has come in and out of décor fashion for decades. Currently, the design is highlighted by contrasting coloured stripes, which add punchy patterns to wallpaper, bedding, fabrics and carpets. Look for this pattern to calm itself down by being shown more as a texture than an obvious print. Tone-on-tone is the way to go with the classic chevron pattern if you want to live with it for a while. Use it in large doses or small. To illustrate, designer Katie Leede trimmed her Provenance woven-wood shades in a tone-on-tone chevron pattern in her designer showhouse bedroom.

Farmhouse style: It goes without saying that country-style decorating is still the most popular form of décor. Country has been transformed of late into Farmhouse Chic. This new country style allows us to mix humble, worn furnishings with a touch of industrial chic in order to make it cool again. The style can look very upscale when fancy antiques become part of the mix.”

More information is available online at

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