LABOUR (LABOR) DAY: It is the day to honor working men and women; whether weekend, holiday, classic, etc., I like it … a lot! – UPDATE 2013

Vol. 4, No.21, Friday, August 30th, 2013

TITLE: “LABOUR (LABOR)  DAY: It is the day to honor working men and women; whether weekend, holiday, classic, etc.,  I like it … a lot!– UPDATE 2013”


With Labour Day this weekend, I thought that it would be interesting to look into the history and the doings of this holiday- it is celebrated in many parts of the world.   Hence, my subject is Labour day. My book of the week is “Labour Day” [Paperback] by Jesse Russell (Author), Ronald Cohn (Author) (Editor’s Note: This is another post in a continuing series on holidays and special dates.)  



Labour Day, regardless how you spell it … with or without a “u”, originated as a result of the labour movement. It is a day off on the first Monday in September.  Nowadays, it is, more or less, the season changer … signaling the date to get seriously down to work. It is also the period for special sales. If with school age kids, parents  use these days for last minute preparations for the start of a new school year. With the airing of the annual Jerry Lewis MDS telethon, it’s even the moment to think of others. You can therefore spend money thinking of yourself and also of others.

Working at educational institution

Labour day is about workers. I worked for an educational institution for 35 years.  We were all members of a union and paid union dues.  Although at times, we complained that our union was not negotiating hard enough for us, our working conditions were very good and we were well paid.

Family Time

How do we celebrate the last long weekend of summer? In my home, it was and still is a day to spend with family.


Like most people, I see this as being the last weekend before getting back to serious work, starting in September.  Usually, I enjoy this time with family. I also try to relax. This year, with the move into the new house and remodeling, while I look forward to some visiting, mostly I will be busy unpacking and cleaning. I’m looking forward to going back to work – you see … I’ll get to sit down! 

THE AUTHOR:   Jesse Russell

Jesse Russell (Ventura)  has an impressive résumé. He was a U.S. Navy Seal, professional wrestler, movie actor – he is also a former Independent governor of Minnesota and a former visiting fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is a  bestselling New York Times author.  He is currently the host and executive producer of truTV’s Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.



Here are a few :

THE BOOK: Labour Day [Paperback] by Jesse Russell (Author), Ronald Cohn (Author) 

Labor Day is a celebration of achievements accomplished by workers. It was started by the labour union movement regarding the eight-hour day formula. Its was eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation and eight hours for rest. 

This book is significant in validating Labour day from a workplace standpoint. This day is also culturally important.  Labour day has been part of the lives of the generations before  and continues to be a part of our lives today.   Knowing where we`ve been helps us to see more clearly where we are and where we are going.  (Source in part: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)


Labour Day is the day when the contributions of working men and women are recognized.  It’s also a day to take pause from work. Remember the saying: “All work and no play makes “Jack” a dull boy.” Indeed, I encourage one and all to “Play it again … Some!”

Personal Comments

I say:

1.      That it’s great to know that, in our country, we have labour standards.  For example, we must sometimes work overtime, but it should not be on a regular basis. There are also safety regulations. Who can argue with being safe in the workplace? The enforcement of standards and regulations and the upholding of worker rights make for a quality of life for all of us. 

2.      That I want working conditions to be improved for all workers worldwide.

3.      That what concerns me the most is child labour. We live in a country where there are rules against that. In my book, there is zero tolerance for such atrocities. A few years ago, I was watching a documentary show on television. I was shocked to hear that a major company was accused of using child labour to produce products under a very expensive, well-known brand. Some people refuse to buy such products. Let’s retaliate and stop buying the brands that use children.   

4.      That this is a day for you to live  … doing the things that you like to do.

5.      That during the year, we don’t get that many three-day weekends. This is the last chance for a get-a-way before the end of vacation and start of the school year

6.     That on this day, we should use the time to relax and unwind.  It recharges the body and allows a person to go back to work with more energy.  When rested, a person can be more productive.   


Labour day: let`s make the most of it and also enjoy it.


I encourage everyone to:

 1.      Take the day off. It’s the day for worker bees and Queen Bee alike to take a time out weekend.  Put up a “Gone fishing” sign on your hive!

2.      Go to an event or activity planned on Labour Day.

3.      Make it a family day. 

4.      Prepare for school if you have children. 

5.     Plan a get-a-way weekend before summer ends. 

6.      Catch up on work around the house; it’s also the day to close up your summer cottage, (if you have one) before the winter.

7.      Have a BBQ.

8.      Play a sport or enjoy a hobby.

9.      Start reading a new book.

10.      Watch a TV sports program like a Labour Day Classic or the annual Jerry Lewis MDS Telethon.

11.      Put away, if you know what’s good for you,  your white shoes!

So there you have it. Without getting too dry on the info, I tried to alert you that it’s the point to get serious on rest and relaxation. Let’s all get into the easy-going mood for Labour Day. And yes, I really like Labour Day. So much so, I ask: “Pretty please …. can we have a few others: how about the  first Monday of October followed by the first Monday in November? I promise to smile a lot!*

And that’s my thought of the week on books, what’s yours?*
Take it out for a spin and tell me if you agree.
“Books are life; and they make life better!*”

P.S. Big News: There are changes coming made to my blog. Please stay tuned.

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S & R* QUOTE #1: Eleanor Roosevelt

“Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.”  (Source: Wisdom Quotes

S & R* QUOTE #2: Albert Einstein 

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” (Source: Wisdom Quotes 

 S & R* QUOTE #3:

For today, my word/phrase(s) are: “Labour Day”; “Labour Union”

Labour Day

“Labor Day or Labour Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. Labour Day has its origins in the labour union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.”  (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) –

Labour Union

“A trade union (British English), labour union (Canadian English) or labor union (American English) is an organization of workers who have banded together to achieve common goals such as protecting the integrity of its trade, achieving higher pay, increasing the number of employees an employer hires, and better working conditions.”

(Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)–


“Labour Day has been celebrated on the first Monday in September in Canada since the 1880s. The origins of Labour Day in Canada can be traced back to December 1872 when a parade was staged in support of the Toronto Typographical Union’s strike for a 58-hour work-week.[1] The Toronto Trades Assembly (TTA) called its 27 unions to demonstrate in support of the Typographical Union who had been on strike since March 25. [1] George Brown, Canadian politician and editor of the Toronto Globe hit back at his striking employees, pressing police to charge the Typographical Union with “conspiracy.”[1] Although the laws criminalising union activity were outdated and had already been abolished in Great Britain, they were still on the books in Canada and police arrested 24 leaders of the Typographical Union.

An old fashioned tradition in Canada and the United States bans the wearing of white after Labour Day. Explanations for this tradition vary; the most common is that white is a summer colour and Labour Day unofficially marks the end of summer. The rule may have been intended as a status symbol for new members of the upper and middle classes in the late 19th and early 20th century.[1][2]” (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) –

“The trade union, through its leadership, bargains with the employer on behalf of union members (rank and file members) and negotiates labour contracts (collective bargaining) with employers. The most common purpose of these associations or unions is “maintaining or improving the conditions of their employment“.[1]

This may include the negotiation of wages, work rules, complaint procedures, rules governing hiring, firing and promotion of workers, benefits, workplace safety and policies. The agreements negotiated by the union leaders are binding on the rank and file members and the employer and in some cases on other non-member workers. 

The origins of unions’ existence can be traced from the 18th century, where the rapid expansion of industrial society drew women, children, rural workers, and immigrants to the work force in numbers and in new roles.  Trade unions as such were endorsed by the Catholic Church towards the end of the 19th century. Pope Leo XIII in his “Magna Carta“—Rerum Novarum—spoke against the atrocities workers faced and demanded that workers should be granted certain rights and safety regulations.[2] Industries like textile mills and railways companies had started in India in the latter half of the 19th century.” (Source: Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) –


S & R*NEWS ALERT*#1: Healthy eats make Labour Day celebrations better

“As summer comes to a close with the Labour Day weekend, families, neighbours and friends will be hosting a lot of get-togethers and feeding the masses. You’re bound to see the usual spread of hamburgers, chips and soda pop. However, if you would like to step it up a notch and mix in an original, healthy and tasty dish that offers your guests a megawatt dose of bio-available minerals, the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) has the recipe to do just that. You can find the ingredients at any natural health retailer or visit to find one in your community. Also consider preparing a little ingredients card too, letting your guests know that health can taste fabulous.

Orange Infused Walnut Kale Salad

Ingredients (Try to use organic ingredients):

6-8 handfuls of kale (baby kale that is organic and pre-washed if possible)

3/4 cup walnuts

2 small oranges sliced  


1/3 cup sesame or extra-virgin olive oil

1/2 cup brown rice vinegar

4 tbsp orange (naturally) flavoured Omega 3 fish oil. (or hemp or flax oil)

1/2 cup fresh mint

Fresh juice from 1 orange

2 tbsp orange rind

Method: Place all your dressing ingredients into a food processor and blend till the mint is completely chopped up, about 30 seconds. Place your leafy greens into a large bowl and toss with the dressing. Sprinkle with walnuts and orange slices. (Makes 4 generous servings.)

More tasty recipes are available online at” 

S & R*NEWS ALERT*#2: Family time will beat the end-of-summer blues

“The Labour Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, but it’s not too late to get in some last-minute fun around town. Here are some suggestions for packing in your last week of summer-oriented fun.

Get in one last camping trip. Pack up and head out for a day or a weekend surrounded by nature. Remember your camping checklist to make the trip a success.

Explore your city by bike. Get two wheels on the road and tour your town on a family bike outing. Ride familiar routes or discover a new favourite trail.

Take a trip to a local farmer’s market and pick your own favourite summer produce while you still can. Or, get hands-on in your own kitchen and make some refreshing popsicles.

You can also take time out with the kids to think about what you all can do as a family to help those in need. Organize a fundraiser with neighbours, extended family, and friends. Or, virtually help others through the web. Organizations like Christian Children’s Fund of Canada ( have an online gift catalogue to connect your family to the needs of children living in poverty around the world.

Discover the joy of giving to others and make the remaining summer days count.”  

*TM/© 2013, 2012 Practitioners’ Press Inc. – All Rights Reserved. 

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