My name is Antoinette La Posta.  I am the president of Save and Read.

Antoinette La Posta, President
Antoinette La Posta, President

The purpose of Save and Read is to recommend the best books as selected by our Literary Committee.

Why is this important to you as a reader?

First of all, our choices are not based on popularity but on literary quality.  In other words, these selections are not there because of a popularity contest or the most sales.

Secondly, if you become a member (which is free) you will be entitled to special PPI discounts towards the purchase of books, chapters and articles from Practitioners Press Inc.

How  do I get PPI discounts?

Simply by becoming a member.  Every month that you log in you will receive additional special PPI discounts, which will be determined in the near future.

There is much more to come and I will let you know more in the next few days.